Saturday, February 11, 2017

Contact Grid


Most people have tons of contacts, but how many do you really need to access frequently? If you're like me, there are just a dozen or so. I wrote Contact Grid to make it easy to get to the few contacts you need the most often.

This is a simple app that allows you to define a grid of contacts, in the order that they want. From the grid you can select a contact and then send them a text, email, or call them. It all depends on how much information you have defined for that contact.

There is also a lesser-used function in Google Contacts that allows you to create groups of contacts. Contact Grid allows you to add Groups to your grid, in addition to just Contacts. If you tap on a Group in the grid, you'll be able to send emails or texts to multiple members of the group at once.


1 - The grid in action. Most of the cells have a Contact in them. One has a Group.

2 - Long-press on an empty cell to add a Contact or a Group

3 - This is a Contact that has been selected.

Privacy Policy

Because Contact Grid needs access to your personal Contacts, there's a legitimate concern about what it is doing with your data. The answer is simple: nothing. The app reads your contacts to show names and images in the grid. It also links to the contacts to show the actions available to them. No data is ever sent from your device to any other services, sites or databases. Your data is yours and is not copied anywhere.

Where do I get it?

Contact Grid is available for free from the Google Play Store.